Stacking – The first game taken of my POS

7 Sep

Well since I decided to take part in the YOS Challenge with others at the MidlifeGamer Community (, although it doesn’t start until after the Eurogamer Expo I have begun in clearing my Pile of Shame and the first game to be fully removed from the shelf is Stacking. Well that is until some more DLC is released (hopefully).


I played the majority of this game with my youngest one and we both really enjoyed playing this game, although we were both disappointed that the DLC ‘The Lost Hobo King’ was very short.

Stacking! What is it all about? Well it’s a game that comes from Tim Schafer’s Double Fine Productions about Russian Stacking Dolls, now I know all you guys are thinking Dolls!!!! Why would I want to play that, well let me tell you. You play the part of the youngest member of the Blackmore Family and it is your job to rescue your Family that have been kidnapped by the EVIL Baron. You do this by completing a variety of puzzles by stacking into different dolls, all of which have unique abilities from head-butting to flirting and everything in between including farting and vomiting.


Both My Son and Myself really enjoyed this game, the colour and detail of every single one of the dolls is very impressive. The puzzles themselves don’t require you to be a nuclear physicist to work them out but do make you think and experiment with the different abilities of all the dolls. The only two points that I can make that let this game down slightly are one as mentioned above the DLC was very short (but still very good) and the second one was that occasionally I suffered from travel sickness due to the way the camera moves as you progress around the levels. This may just have been me been a wuss (It would be interesting to see if anyone else had this problem).

On the whole this was a brilliant little game and is only 300MSP at the minute so must be worth it. I’ve paid forty pound for games that I have not enjoyed as much as this. So go, try it, I promise you will love it 😉


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