Cross country

14 Feb

Cross Country Running

Writing this while on my lunch break at work although it will not be uploaded onto my blog until I get home tonight (and then possibly not until after I have been fed), the weather is terrible out on site it is very cold, wet, windy and just downright miserable. Now this is doing nothing to improve my mood which is not great due to been in pain with my Achilles every time I run (and sometimes even while I am walking) and drinking too much coffee which I think is making me irritable.
I’m going to start this all off with my weight is at 11 Stone 13 Pounds and I am managing to be quite sensible with what I am eating and drinking. Dry January has well and truly been forgotten about, but I’m not drinking much at all.
Apart from the problem with my Achilles my running has been okay this year and training with the Middlesbrough & Cleveland Harriers has improved things no end. If anyone has ever thought about joining a running club and decided against it for what ever reason then jump on board now and join your local club. Training with the Harriers even though the level of my ability is below what everyone else can do I have never felt like I am holding anyone else up and the encouragement has kept me going on more than one occasion. My running has been made up of deciding how many miles that I am going to run and just run, since joining the Harriers I have done Hill training, Sprints, Interval training and last Sunday I even went to cross country training none of which I would have ever done on my own.
The cross country on Sunday was amazing and something I never thought I would enjoy but decided that I would give it a try. I turned up on Sunday in my old Reebok trainers as I did not want to get my current running shoes dirty. There is very little (if any) tread on these shoes and therefore no grip and I spent pretty much the whole session slipping and sliding and generally just trying to keep myself upright which surprisingly I managed. That said running through the wet muddy puddles in the cold and the rain was more enjoyable than I ever thought it could have been. Will I go to cross country training again I hear you ask! Damn right I will (as soon as my Achilles sorts itself out).

I am now having a few days without running and already my Achilles is starting to feel less painful, that said I am going to leave running until Saturday and give the Park Run at Stewarts Park a go, it’s not going to be very fast but I will see how my Achilles holds up. The only problem with not running is that I have signed up to do 4 runs per week on Jantastic and I am going to struggle with this if things don’t improve.


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