Clairville Stadium

18 Oct

I received the following email regarding the end of Clairville Stadium, I know many of you will find this hard to believe but I have had some great times here! From running here on Sunday mornings (and then into the Porthole Cafe for breakfast) when I was between 16 & 20 to watching Vicky’s girls do there School sports day here a few years ago. It’s going to be strange not seeing this when I go to Albert Park in future so I will be running here for one last time next Thursday and hope to see many of you there as well.
Below is a copy of the email I received….

As i’m sure many of you will be aware, Middlesbrough’s Clairville Stadium is shortly to close its doors for the final time. Following Clairville’s closure a new athletics facility will open as part of Middlesbrough’s new Sports Village at Prissick Base, Marton Road, Middlesbrough.

In its 51 years since opening in 1963 i suspect that Clairville has provided many happy memories for spectators and participants alike. To allow people the opportunity to reflect on these memories, catch up with old friends and see Clairville for one last time, Middlesbrough Council will be hosting a ‘Smile Mile’ run at Clairville Stadium on Thursday 23 October. The ‘Smile Mile’ will be an informal/non-competitive run around Clairville’s track, the details of the ‘Smile Mile’ and other opportunities to visit Clairville in its final week are noted below.

Access to Clairville’s track through its final week (week beginning 20 October) will be available to all at a reduced entry cost of £2 with all proceeds from admission going to local charities that are partners of the Run Middlesbrough programme of events

The ‘Smile Mile’ will take place at Clairville Stadium on Thursday 23 October starting on Clairville’s track at 7:15pm. Please note the cost of entry to the stadium will be £2 per person with all proceeds going to local charities that are partners of the Run Middlesbrough programme of events

The first lap of the ‘Smile Mile’ will be led by a local athlete that was present at the opening of Clairville Stadium in 1963

At 7:25pm the final lap bell will ring requesting that people that have not already completed their ‘Smile Mile’ run their final lap

Following everyone’s final lap all will be requested to stay to watch the local athlete that was present at the opening of Clairville Stadium carry a baton symbolising the move from Clairvillle to the new athletics facility at Middlesbrough’s Sports Village, on one final lap

After 350m of the final lap the baton will be passed to a junior athlete who will run the final 50m of the final lap and will also carry the baton on the first lap of the new track at it’s official opening event in April/May 2015

Following the above there will be an opportunity for all to share in free refreshments at Clairville Stadium

If you can please distribute the above information to your friends and colleagues in athletics it would be very much appreciated.


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