Autumn Rains

7 Nov

Well Autumn has well and truly snuck up on us, which means Winter will not be far behind. So for must of us that means a lot of running in the cold, wind and rain.
Now I went out today and managed a nice 6 mile run in around 55 minutes, yes, not amazing and certainly not the fastest I have ever run, but I loved every second (well almost). When I first left the house it was raining lightly which meant I got a little wet very slowly and I have to say I don’t like it! But after about a mile the rain got a lot heavier and before I knew it I was soaked through. And once I was wet through I loved it, especially some of the deep puddles I encountered (made me feel like I was 5 again lol).
Now I just want to get everyone else thoughts on this, do you enjoy running in the rain or do you struggle to get out on the cold, damp days?
Personally the thought of going out in the cold & the rain is a real struggle for me, but once I am out in it I love it.
Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.
Thanks, Kev


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