My Garmin, My Dad!!!

1 Feb

I’ve been having a few problems with my Garmin Forerunner 410 just lately and it got me thinking about how technology has progressed over the last few years. We can now strap on our watch and head off out the door and our watches will track our mileage, our time and break it all down into segments so we can see how we performed at every moment of our run and then….

We upload it all to various sites, Strava, Facebook, Twitter etc., for the whole World to see.

Let Me take you back twenty-odd years, I used to run in my late teens early twenties and at that time my watch probably had Micky Mouse hands 😂 so how did I know how far I ran and how long it took?

Well that was down to a Special Guy, My Dad! If I wanted to know how far I had run I would ask him to come with Me and He, along with My Mum would jump in their car and drive alongside me. Out the top end off Roseworth, along Blakeston Lane to Thorpe Thewels and then along some Country Roads until we got back home. No poating to social media then either if I wanted to let someone know, I had to actually speak to them lol

Looking back now, I can’t believe My Dad used to do this for Me! Love and miss you loads Pop x 


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