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Great North 10K

5 Jul


The Great North 10K started just around the corner from the Gateshead International Stadium 

with the runners setting off in waves starting with the Elite runners and moving back through 4 waves to the runners with the slower predicted finishing times, with the announcer informing everyone how this is a really fast course and many will be set. I set off in the White wave, which was the second wave after the Elite runners and it is only when you complete approximately 4km of this course do you realise why everyone just doesn’t head off in one mass start.

I was expecting a time of sub-55 minutes but I set off with the intention of staying in front of the 50 minute pacer as My p.b. is 49:57 and It would be nice to get that time down a wee bit (especially with the announcement about this super-fast course, ideal for setting

So we set off at 1011hrs with the first couple of kilometres through the industrial estate, I had the 50 minute pacer in front of me and quickly moved forward and got a few meters between Him and Myself. The race then comes down towards the Gateshead Quayside and heads along the road between the Baltic and the Sage, there were quite a few spectators along this section cheering on the runners, then the route dropped downhill under the Tyne Bridge and headed off along a narrow road beside the River Tyne and this is where you realise why it sets off in waves as this is quite narrow and the earlier runners were heading back along the other side of the road. It did get a little bit congested along here and I had to push a couple of runners to the floor and run over the top of them if I was to stay on course for a p.b. (that was a joke by the way, I didn’t really push or trample anyone). Then at the 5k mark you turn round and head back towards the Stadium and that’s when I saw him right behind me with his big orange 50 minute flag, the course then heads slightly back up hill towards the Tyne Bridge and the 50 minute pacer passed me and moved away with ease and that’s when I realised no p.b. for me today. Up the steep hill under the Tyne Bridge and back along the road between the Sage and the Baltic (with shouts of encouragement from the spectators) and then back in to the industrial estate.

There were a few hills to cope with and at the 8km mark there was a fire truck sprinkling water on to half of the road, so I moved out to get cooled down as it was quite warm when out of the shade. I ran through expecting a nice refreshing blast of cool water, what I in fact got was bloody freezing cold water that literally took My breathe away for a few seconds! This was not nice. The course then left the Industrial estate and headed of on to a footway along the side of the River Tyne, and then it appeared at the 9km mark ‘The Slog on the Tyne’. It was harder than I expected, but I got my head down and moved upwards (although looking at my Garmin afterwards it looks like I stopped for a picnic), then at the top of the hill the footpath turned right and I realised I was actually only half way up (This was hard and I think more hill training is required before next year).

After the hill it’s a pretty easy finish into the Stadium, at the 400m mark there was a young(ish) guy struggling and walking but with a bit of encouragement I got him moving again. As you enter the stadium to music from Chariots of Fire, you realise you have completed the race and all that is left is to sprint to the finish (okay, sprinting may be a slight overstatement) and pass as many other runners on the way to the line. I managed to fly past… One, but that aside it felt great.

My time 52:39, not quite the 50 minutes I had hoped for but it was better than I expected and it leaves me in a great place for a p.b. at the Middlesbrough 10K on the 4th September.


Been a Long Time!!

19 Jan

Thought it was about time I posted an update on my blog and then noticed it’s been almost a year since I last posted. Don’t worry I’m not going to post whats happened over the last year just the highlights 🙂

The Family is doing great, the eldest Lad got married in June last year and has recently informed me that they are having a baby (due July/August time). The eldest Girl has moved out with Her Boyfriend into their own home and they have a baby (due in March). So this time next year I will be a Grandad twice and I have to say I am pretty pleased 🙂

cartoon pictures of babies (20)

Suppose the next thing I need to mention is Star Wars: Episode 7…….. Wow, I think I’m 10 again 🙂


Loved this film so much, I was so worried that it was going to end up more like Episodes 1-3 (which I thought were more Disney than The Force Awakens) but it wasn’t it was more like A New Hope and better than anything I have seen in a long time. Not sure I can wait another 18 months for the next one.

Right, lets get onto the running and fitness! I’ve started the year getting a few runs more runs in than I usually do although I have not had one decent run so far this year as I have just had nothing in my legs when I run. Even when I feel like I have had a good run my times are really slow, I’m not going to let this get to me but I am going to push through it and get my times down.


While on the subject of running, I took part in the Middlesbrough 10K last year with the intention of getting myself a PB and hopefully getting my time below 55 minutes. Well I had a brilliant run to the point where coming towards the finish line the time was showing late 49 minutes, got my text shortly after finishing the race and my official time was 49 Minutes 57 Seconds! Happy? You bet 🙂

Right, I promise it won’t be quite so long before my next update. May even stick up a movie review of Star Wars: The Force Awakens…. Everyone okay with spoilers?

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