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2017: This is the year!

20 Mar

I have to say that even though we are only in to March, I have a good feeling about how my running is going this year. I’ve even entered a few races already to keep me motivated, the first of which will be the Marina 5 Mile at Hartlepool on the 9th April.

I’ve also got the youngest lad Reece who has started running parkrun with me on Saturday mornings at Albert Park, Middlesbrough and has now just started coming for 6 mile runs on Sundays. It’s so much easier with someone else to run with although I don’t think it’s going to last long, as I have spent the last few months trying to get him to keep going and make it to the finish line at parkrun until last Saturday when he stayed with me until the 2k mark and I said if you want to run off ahead feel free! I didn’t see him again until the end when he announced he had got himself a pb of 23 minutes and 2 seconds (just in case anyone is interested mine is 23 minutes and 4 seconds). Although I also got round in a 2017 best time of 24 minutes 39 seconds.


Myself (in red) and Reece (Yellow/black jacket), at Albert Park parkrun although I’m not sure why I’m looking shattered in this picture as It’s only about 100m after the start line!!

I think if Reece keeps running with me I will get some good times this year (good for me anyway), although it will take more than that so I will make more of an effort with cutting down on the food and alcohol intake and get out on more training runs with the Middlesbrough & Cleveland Harriers to mix it up a bit.

As well as doing a few races this year, I’m also looking at doing a few different parkruns with Reece, this year we have done Albert Park (obviously), Stewart Park (Middlesbrough) and Prudhoe Riverside parkrun. I am looking at doing a parkrun in the lakes later this year while we are away camping and getting the Tees Barrage parkrun done and possibly a couple of others. So if you have any suggestions of great parkruns leave a comment below.

For all you runners out there, I hope whatever you are training for is going great and for all you couch potatoes out there…. Get up, run and enjoy! The benefits are awesome.





Back to it!

6 Oct

I’ve not ran since early September for one reason or another which includes work, laziness, home life, laziness, been unwell, laziness!!!! You get the picture. Well I finally dragged myself out of the front door yesterday with the intention of a 3 mile run, although I did have it in my head that this would be cut short if my fitness had totally deserted me. Once I got out it was like ‘Why have I not been out for a whole month’, I loved it and the running felt pretty good too. It was so nice to just be out there running and thinking about….. nothing/rubbish.


On the whole the year has been pretty good, I’ve managed to run more often than most years even though I have never managed to get any decent times and running through the hot weather this summer has almost destroyed me and I think this is partly the reason why I have not ran much in the last month. Now however I feel as if I could run and run (this may change in a few days lol).

This time last year I remember thinking that the acceptance/rejection letters for London Marathon were almost due and thinking that I really hope I don’t get in as I will never be able to run it (I had signed up after a few drinks). this time however I am so hoping that I get in and looking forward to some winter training. Also looking at buying some trail shoes.


I’m not going to make any plans on what I will/won’t do over the next few weeks but I am going to try and get in as many and varied runs as possible over the winter regardless of gaining entry to the London Marathon or not.

As an update since my last blog I did complete the Middlesbrough 10K even though training was saying I wouldn’t complete the course I did manage to get round in 51:09 which is a couple of minutes off my pb so quite happy. I would love to beat my parkrun pb before the year is out so watch this space.


Anyway, Hope everyone’s running/life is going great!!!


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